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Privacy Policy

http://episodeno.com is our website url.

When incoming users writes comments on our website. Firstly we check these comments are really or generated by bots.
We appreciate for the new coming users to discuss and comments about our blogs and posts related their contents.

Embedded Code or iframe?

we collect mostly embedded codes are iframe from other famous website due to low load and fast opening of our website. If website open fast then user will be reliable for more time visit to watch our website.

How can we keep your data?

We can keep your data in the form of comments or contact us to show your data in our website for better SEO (Search Engine optimization). If you post not relevant comments and data on our website so for the security purpose we have rights to remove your data and comments.

Information we provide to user?

We are mostly posting videos embedded codes which we describe above.
http://episodeno.com can not generate itself videos or other social links etc.
We post the links of some popular videos containing website.
Our website mostly content available dramas of many countries like Pakistan, India etc.


The purposes of our website to entertain our users to see most famous dramas. We are provide to facility for user to see more dramas of other countries in single website.